The problem with cable news isn’t that media executives are suckered by a naive urge to provide fairness or equivalence to all points of view. It’s that the spectacle of broadcast news as practiced for the last 20 years requires conflict. Conflict requires an endless stream of arguments in which two sides fight for four minutes at a time. And viewers like it.

The problem isn’t Sarah Isgur Flores or a philosophy of equal-time false fairness. The problem is that the quality of work any cable network can do is constrained by the tastes of its audience.

The problem, as always, is us.

And if anything, bringing a professional political operative like Isgur in-house and giving her some ownership over the back end of the product—as opposed to allowing hacks like Lewandowski and Lord to use the network as side-grifts in exchange for being window dressing—is probably a good thing.