If you’re currently struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolution, I’m sure that most people would tell you to keep going. “Be your best self!” But you’re not going to hear that from me. No, from me you’re going to hear that your mediocre self is just fine. So what if you’ve seen every episode of Teen Mom 2 and you want to watch them again? So what if you’ve never done a push-up? So what if sometimes when you’re alone you like to dip pretzels in mayonnaise and eat them? You’ve gone this far in your life exactly the way you are, and unless a doctor is telling you otherwise, you’re fine to continue to live your life the way you’ve always been living it.

The thing about life is that it doesn’t last forever. It’s very short. In fact, you’ve technically died a little bit since you’ve started reading this, because we’re all technically dying a little bit with each passing moment. Does anyone on their deathbed wish they’d spent more time on a juice cleanse or a stair climber? I mean, I haven’t been around that many deathbeds, so I guess I don’t know for sure, but my guess would be no. So go ahead — be garbage. God loves you anyway, and so do I.