One of the central questions we must answer when interpreting the evidence in the Trump/Russia scandal is whether President Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani are just plain nuts. Or, rather, “crazy like a fox.” Based on Rudy’s television appearances on Sunday, it is becoming pretty clear that part of why this conundrum is so confusing is that it they are a little bit of both, and, at least so far, this strategy is working like a charm.

The biggest revelation to come out of Rudy’s most recent bout of televised insanity is that it now appears very obvious that the Trump Tower in Moscow project was not officially killed at least until Trump actually won the 2016 election. While Giuliani has implied this reality previously, he was far more definitive about it on NBC’s Meet the Press than he has been previously.

Whether by design, dumb luck, or a little bit of both, the way this truly scandalous information has come to be publicly accepted as true could not possibly have been better for the Trump Team. Giving Rudy the benefit of the doubt, it appears that this could all be part of a classic slow reveal strategy, one which has magically transformed, what could very well be the root of the entire scandal, into a remarkably minor news story.