This is really pathetic. This is the type of male-hating bitchiness that the modern feminist movement has mass produced and weaponized. I have no idea what this clown teaches but can you imagine what hell it must be in her class right up until the day you decide to go to the Drop-Add office? Can you imagine substituting any other race/ethnicity for “white” and being allowed to not only get away with the grotesque stereotyping but being cheered on by other unfragrant harpies with braided and dyed armpit hair?

In the index of “this is how you got Trump,” this kind of systemic bigotry and misandry has to be close to the top of the list. It tells young white men that it is perfectly okay to loathe them, to discriminate against them, to manufacture lies about them, to dox them to the world, to try to ruin their lives because they represent everything that the liberal elites see as wrong with the nation and they are supposed to meekly suck it up and ask for another kick in the teeth to make someone else feel better about their miserable piss-ant lives.