“I don’t think so!” Love said of whether there was friction between her and the president. “When I talk to my husband, we disagree. It’s OK. When my children do things, I talk to them and I say, ‘Hey, that’s not nice.’ It’s perfectly fine for me to voice an opinion, and it’s perfectly fine for the president to voice an opinion when I’ve taken a vote he doesn’t like or when I’ve said something he doesn’t like, but this was kind of out of left field.”

Trump’s comments also came as a surprise to Love’s parents, who reside in Connecticut and were vocal supporters of the president — until Trump’s attack on her in the press conference. She noted that her parents, who immigrated from Haiti — a nation the president once reportedly referred to in his infamous “shithole countries” remark — were able to “get past” the reported barb at the Caribbean country, but not the barb directed at their daughter.