On Reddit, Hookerfucker1 has become something of an evangelist for Tijuana’s sex industry, dispensing tips to newbies and veterans on everything from where to park on the US side of the border to negotiating at the bars and strip clubs on Calle Coahuila, the sex workers’ main drag. There are reasons men prefer sex workers in Tijuana to those in the US, said Hookerfucker1, a tech worker from San Diego who provided BuzzFeed News with a picture of a VIP membership card from the Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club, one of Tijuana’s most famous brothels. Because sex work is legal in Mexico, it’s simple to set up a meeting. “You can go to a strip club, call an escort agency, or hit up a massage parlor. It’s an easy, prepackaged sex destination,” he said. The women “are the type you can invite to a nightclub or restaurant and no one would suspect she’s a hooker.”

And lately, Hookerfucker1 said something else has factored into Mexico’s appeal: the #MeToo movement, which has empowered many women in the US to speak up about abuse and misconduct. “It’s not safe to hit on women in the US anymore,” Hookerfucker1 wrote, but in Tijuana’s Zona Norte, it’s definitely different. “Slapping a strippers ass is not only ok, but encouraged! In the US you’d get kicked out of the club, prosecuted for harassment, fired from your job, and probably listed as a sex offender.”