“You had the suburbs which, again, was a bedrock constituency of Republicans over the past 20 years,” Scarborough said. “The only way Republicans win presidential elections is by winning the suburbs. Donald Trump proved that by doing better in the suburbs of Philadelphia two years ago, but I don’t think I’m killing hamlet in the first act to say he’s not going to do that well in the suburbs of Philly in 2020, he’s not going to do as well in Wisconsin as he did in 2016, he’s not going to do well in some of these swing areas as he did in 2016, unless he radically changes.”

“We have absolutely no reason, in front of us, no evidence in front of us to believe he can radically change enough to win those votes back,” he added. “So, that pathway to victory has to be much more narrow after 2018, and I would say this has been a clarifying election — clarifying in the sense that Donald Trump isn’t going to win re-election. I said it, write it down.”