I shake with fury when I think about how Democrats are using Ford, a woman with memory and documented psychological issues, in a calculated vicious campaign of obstruction, character assassination, and destruction of one of our finest judges. If they can do this to him, they can do it to anyone. And we all know they will do it to anyone. We all know this is the new normal: weaponizing sexual misconduct allegations, however uncorroborated, however improbable, however lurid or bizarre, against Republican nominees. Everyone is vulnerable. Everyone.

I shake with fury when I think about Sen. Jeff Flake, and the idiotic one-week delay stunt that the Judas of the Republican Party agreed to at the urging of the duplicitous Democrats. If ever there was a man whose last name embodied his spiritual essence, it surely is him. If he ever shows up at a Republican gathering anywhere, he should surely be tarred and feathered.

I shake with fury when I think of how this farcical confirmation process is symptomatic of what Democrats are doing to our country, from workplaces to universities, from old media to new media, from schools to kindergardens. Everyone is now vulnerable to the wildest accusations of sexual impropriety, with no proof needed, since the charges are inherently unprovable, and one must always believe the victim.