The Post also reported that “notes from an individual therapy session” in 2013 said that “Ford described a ‘rape attempt’ in her late teens.” The paper added that Ford’s husband, Russell Ford, whom she married in 2002, did not learn details of her claim until 2012 “when the therapist asked her [Christine Blasey Ford] to tell the story.”

The first thing to note: One would normally assume that Ford’s interactions with her psychotherapist are confidential and protected from disclosure. But Ford has “provided” portions of the couples therapy notes to a press outlet, the Post, and the paper also quoted “notes from an individual therapy session,” as well. When one gives medical records to the press, and they are spread around the world on the Internet, it is hard to claim they are confidential.

During her testimony before the Senate committee, Ford told at least some of the story of how she came to use her therapists’ records against Kavanaugh.

She said she “never named Mr. Kavanaugh as my attacker” to anyone, other than in the therapy sessions, until July 2018, when she saw press reports that Kavanaugh was on President Trump’s Supreme Court short list. She said she then thought it was her “civic duty” to go to the press about her experience.