Does it bother you, though, where they say “porn star Stormy Daniels”? They don’t say “Stormy Daniels, who’s an adult-film actress–slash–director–slash–writer.”
Yeah. And also, they insist upon printing my real name in every fucking story. They don’t do that to Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga or Charlie Sheen — but even the most feminist, evolved journalists, they still think subconsciously that I’m less human and I’m not worth the respect of printing my chosen name.

But do you think it’s funny that you slept with a president? Interesting? Do you think about it at all?
I mean, I went ten years without even thinking about it. It was funnier when he wasn’t the president. Now it comes with this undeserved prestige. I actually have Trump supporters come out and get pictures and autographs and just be like, “I just want to meet the lady that he picked to have sex with him.” I’m like, “What’s wrong with you?”