“I would see boys standing outside rooms, congregated together, sort of like a gauntlet,” she said. “I would see them laughing.”

It seemed quite possible Swetnick was reading far too much into this.

According to Swetnick, she was sexually assaulted at one of these parties. She could not say with any certainty that Kavanaugh was involved. She recalled being “shoved into a room” and hearing laughter, and that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were present. These are details that resemble Ford’s story so closely it raises suspicion (of Swetnick, not of Kavanaugh).

Swetnick claimed she told her mother and a specific police officer about the assault; both are deceased. NBC is working to obtain the officer’s files from the time period. If a record exists of her speaking with this officer, it will bolster her credibility. For now, this is by far the sketchiest of the accusations against Kavanaugh.