Judges routinely instruct juries that, if they believe that a witness has lied about one thing they may then conclude that the witness has lied about other things.

Does anyone doubt that Kavanaugh lied about the meaning of his yearbook entries? Not as a boy or young man, but as a 53-year-old federal judge testifying under oath before the Senate in hopes of being confirmed to a seat on our highest court?

The stories remain hers and his, and can’t be reconciled. If the FBI field agents doing the questioning withstand whatever political pressures and ask these obvious questions, senators will have to pick between the person whose account has so far held up and one who has plainly lied. As Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who before passing Kavanaugh out of committee on a party-line vote demanded an FBI investigation before the full Senate decides on his nomination, said of the nominee Monday night, minimizing his drinking would be one thing, but “if he lied on particular things that [are] demonstrable, then that is disqualifying.”