There is no conceivable way that Dr. Ford’s allegation can ever be resolved in the sense of a firm conclusion about what happened. The allegation is far too stale to support a prosecution. Ford cannot remember rudimentary details, while Kavanaugh and other witnesses strongly deny that the incident happened. No matter how many hearings are held, we are never going to have a more definitive resolution than what we have now: Dr. Ford insists, not very convincingly, that it happened; Judge Kavanaugh forcefully insists that it did not; and other evidence developed at the hearing indicates without establishing (for it will never be possible to establish) that Kavanaugh should be credited. Overwhelming evidence establishes, moreover, that Kavanaugh is, in any event, a meritorious nominee.

Why is this important? Because it demonstrates conclusively that there is no reason to have a hearing. The only time it is necessary to hold a hearing is when some potentially dispositive issue is capable of resolution. Ford’s allegation is not capable of resolution. It is inevitably destined for an inconclusive outcome, regardless of whether Ford testifies.

At this overdue point, then, the committee majority should simply force a vote. There is no need for an inconclusive hearing. Democrats’ simultaneous demand for a hearing and interminable postponement of a hearing is just a stalling tactic. There is no reason to abide further delay. Delay is just additional reward for the Democrats’ contemptuous abuse of the committee hearing process, which means additional incentive for Democrats to continue such abuse.