While America is divided politically, religiously, and ideologically, only a small fraction of Democrats and Republicans pay close attention to political news cycles. And only an even smaller fraction of that small fraction cares enough about politics to actually adjust its buying decisions or sacrifice even a little bit to send a political message.

If you’re reading this piece, you’re already among the most politically engaged citizens in the entire nation. Be honest, how many of you have bought a less attractive shoe, avoided a good movie, or even chosen on a less user-friendly web browser because you wanted to send a political message? If you have engaged in such a boycott, are you confident that there are more Americans who’ve done the same than there are “buycotters,” people who will actively patronize a controversial company in the face of the backlash? if anything, recent history shows that a proper buycott can sustain a corporation in the face of withering public attacks, because it’s simply more fun to treat yourself than to deny yourself. Just ask Chick-fil-A.