Fire him! Cried the mob. But a New York Review of Books that didn’t challenge prevailing orthodoxy wouldn’t be the New York Review of Books. Nor should the editorship of the NYRB be a matter for a snarling mob of Twitterati to decide. If you don’t like what’s in the NYRB, write a letter to the editor.

Somehow “I disagree with you” or even “I disagree with the thing you published” has turned into “your career must be destroyed.” One need not defend Ghomeshi — and Buruma doesn’t! – to agree with the premise that what he has to say might be of interest.

When media outlets run interviews with people who have actually murdered women, does it mean they’re taking the side of murderers? Interviews with Charles freaking Manson used to pop up on ABC, NBC, CBS and in the pages of Rolling Stone until Manson finally shut up and relocated to Hell last year.