One flyer for the February 2003 event read: “You can help us push back U.S. terror in Iraq and the Middle East.” Above the text there was a cartoon depicting a group of protestors striving to halt the progress of three skeletons, one dressed as a soldier, another dressed in a top hat holding a dollar bill and another dressed in a suit. The flyer listed the website for Sinema’s group and an email of a local anarchist group that also participated.

Another flyer urged direct action “against Bush and his fascist, imperialist war.” A cartoon on the flyer said, “Government is slavery,” and “Its laws are cobwebs for the rich and chains of steel for the poor.” The flier contained the email for a local anarchist group that was a rally co-sponsor.

A third flyer said, “Speak out against the war” and “Stop the OILigarchy.” It depicted a large group of trumpets standing in the path of an oncoming American tank with a bodiless pair of eyes in a helmet poking out of the top. The flyer listed Sinema’s personal email at the time.