The only thing that these new Kavanaugh allegations have done is to unite the right, including some of the Never Trump faction. That is, unite everyone except the Senate Republicans, who still seem not to comprehend the Democrat playbook.

Unfortunately, a section of effete bow-tie libertarian-conservatism would still rather commit suicide honorably than fight back. These bunch, which contains a section of prominent Never Trumpers, would rather sit with their afternoon Chardonnay, lament the corrosive public discourse, and harrumph a lot on Twitter instead of trying to understand the incredible soft coup that has happened under their noses.

This Kavanaugh nomination proves no good conservative will ever be respected by the left. None has been during my living memory, since George W. Bush won Florida. It’s a myth that if only conservatives nominate a nice guy, the left will be cooperative. The myth needs to die. Conservatism isn’t just about politely sticking to principles to be at the mercy of culture warriors to slow down the path of history towards progressive utopia, but about promoting conservatism. It does not just oppose the means, but also the progressive end.