There is a new theory floating around that a July 1 gathering listed on Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar could be the smoking gun that proves Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.) mentioned the entry today, and the national press has picked up on it. But little besides speculation undergirds the theory, and there are a few discrepancies with it.

The calendar entry in question says, “Go to Timmy’s for Skis w/ Judge, Tom, PJ, Bernie, Squi” on July 1. The theory is that this gathering is the one at which Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford — who, recall, named “PJ” (Patrick Smyth) and (Mark) “Judge” as also present at the party. Too similar to be a coincidence, right?

Well, by Whitehouse’s own admission, the entry does not match Ford’s description of the event at which she says she was assaulted. Insofar as that description has been consistent, it has involved only Kavanaugh, Judge, Smyth, her friend Leland Keyser, and potentially another boy whose identity Blasey says she does not remember. But if Kavanaugh’s calendar is credible enough for his description of the event to be taken seriously, then it cannot be said to support Blasey’s account: There are seven boys listed on the calendar, and none of Tim (Gaudette), Tom (Kaine), or Bernie (McCarthy) have been mentioned by Ford; neither Keyser nor Ford is listed; and, as Byron York points out, Garrett’s presence suggests another issue: