Enough is enough, it’s time to stop begging Ford to testify and simply move on. When she shows up on 60 Minutes, telling her story in yet another venue that won’t question her in any serious way, it won’t be lost on the public that she was given more opportunities to testify than anyone in modern history yet always only ever chose partisan outlets. For someone uncomfortable telling her story, liberals seem to think she’d be willing to tell it just before the midterms. So what?

It’s time to hold the vote. It’s time to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. You can only give someone everything they want so many times before you have to accept that they really wanted something else, in this case it’s delay.

There will be another outrage, either way. The entire Democratic Party campaign strategy is to keep their base angry and afraid to motivate them to the polls. The only way to counter that outrage is to deliver on promises and stand up to it like that guy stood up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square, because it’s the same philosophy driving both. Hold the damn vote already.