“Some are real, and some are not real, or they are hyping them up. And I guess I’m protective of boys because I have five of them. I just said to them, ‘You can’t be anywhere alone with a girl without a parent there. You could be accused of doing something.’ And it’s sad. I shouldn’t have to be teaching that,” said Scriver, 49, a Republican stay-at-home mom.

“Obviously, there are people being abused, and that’s terrible,” she continued. “And, I don’t know, it’s hard to say what is real and what isn’t.”

Yet Scriver was speaking generically. She said she didn’t know about the accusations against Kavanaugh because she has tuned out most political news, finding it too critical of President Trump, whom she voted for and supports.

When the details were described to her, she added a lament: “It’s so hard to know if these stories are real or not. They come up so much. But if it is in fact real and he’s denying it, then I think this shows something about his character, and maybe he’s not a good candidate.”