So here we are. After a lifetime of good service, Kavanaugh is being thrown under the bus of a single vague accusation. Feinstein could have raised this months ago, could have made it a point of questioning during the hearings. She didn’t. Maybe Traister is right, and she refused because she is complicit in the patriarchy, but I doubt it. I think she knew it wasn’t a strong enough allegation.

I don’t know what happened at that party, if there was one. I don’t know if Ford really remembers it, or had that memory summoned through therapy, recalling unremembered incidents. I don’t know if she feels that lying about it is justified by the hysteria surrounding Kavanaugh’s nomination. None of us knows.

For now, what should happen is that Kavanaugh should be confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court. If Feinstein can prove her allegations, he can be impeached. Conservatives will no more allow Kavanaugh to be railroaded than we were willing to let Clarence Thomas be. And that’s a good thing.