A person close to the White House also said any move on Rosenstein could be tempered by Trump’s increasing concern about November’s midterm elections.

Trump’s “initial inclination would be to fire Rosenstein, but he’s also very worried about the Senate going in the hands of the Democrats which will make impeachment and other problems for him very significant,” the person said. “So in this case, I think he is actually listening.”

Matt Schlapp, president of the American Conservative Union, spelled out his priorities on Twitter: “1. Confirm Kavanaugh. 2. Replace Rosenstein. 3. Hold Congress. 4. Martini.”

Meanwhile, one of Trump’s most vocal defenders warned in a direct public message that the President’s adversaries could be trying to ensnare him in a trap.

“I have a message for the President tonight: Under zero circumstances should the President fire anybody,” Hannity said on his Friday broadcast, which aired on television screens aboard Air Force One as Trump flew from a rally in Missouri to his golf resort in New Jersey.