The Democrats aren’t the only ones with problems, however.

Jeff Flake, who continues to seek the spotlight on his way out a door he would likely not have been walking back through had he run for re-election anyway, has now come out and said the Senate should delay the vote until the accuser has a chance to come forward and speak her piece.

Flake has made a name for himself in the last year as a Jennifer Rubin Republican – he does not care what the issue is. If Trump is for it, he is more likely than not against it. His statement does nothing more than confirm that he is in this for himself and his own reputation. Making sure the Supreme Court stays solidly conservative is nothing compared to making sure that everyone knows he is the Right And Proper Jeff Flake.

As much as Dianne Feinstein hurt the Democrats, Flake is doing just as much to ensure he can hurt the Republicans just as bad – or even worse.