Last month, Blasey Ford took and allegedly passed a polygraph test conducted by a former FBI agent, and hired a law firm headed by major Democratic donors and activists who are working with Demand Justice to smear Kavanaugh as a sexual predator. They’ve created a Web site,, that encourages voters to call their senators and ask that they vote against Kavanaugh. The site maintains that “Brett Kavanaugh is NOT credible in his denial. Kavanaugh’s nomination is on the ropes; he has everything to gain by lying. He has already lied, multiple times, under oath before the Senate. There is no reason to trust his word now.”

Blasey Ford’s lead attorney, Debra Katz, at the same time heads a leftist advocacy group funded by liberal megadonor George Soros, who also is funding Demand Justice, which has raised $5 million to sink Trump’s high-court picks. In a new attack ad, the group compares Kavanaugh to “child predator” Judge Roy Moore.

Who paid for Blasey Ford’s polygraph, and who is covering her legal bills? Who leaked her letter to The Washington Post? Katz and Demand Justice did not reply to requests for comment. Nor did Feinstein’s office.