“Even the folks who won don’t seem happy. Have you noticed that?” Obama told the Cleveland crowd, decrying the country’s “broken” politics. Republicans won the presidency, House and Senate, he said, but “they’re still mad, which is interesting.”

He went on to criticize the “forces of retrenchment and backlash and anger” as well as “some media outlets that like to do the fanning,” without naming any names…

In Ohio, Obama hit some of the same themes as he did in his Friday speech in Illinois, blasting Republicans for speaking out against Trump’s actions at times but not backing their words up with action.

“You will read quotes from Republicans saying, ‘Wow, this is messed up,’” Obama said. “Well, why aren’t you doing something about it? ‘Well, we can’t, because we really like these tax cuts for the wealthy. … So we’ll put up with crazy.’”