There is nothing remotely resembling proof of anything alleged, yet these partisan guttersnipes don’t care, they want his head because they are terrified he reveres the Constitution. If it were not Brett Kavanaugh, these poison arrows would be sticking out someone else’s back. He’s not under attack for what he’s done, he’s under attack for what he believes.

We need to be better than this as a nation. We can be better than this, but only by defeating it. And you three are the only ones who can defeat it. If you want a legacy, let it be that you stood up, in the face of extreme hatred and smears that, only a few years ago, would have been unthinkable, and said “no more.”

The fate of the future of our politics and our country literally hangs on your votes. I implore each of you: do not leave my children a world where these tactics work. No legislation you’ve introduced, no vote you’ve ever cast is as important as standing up for decency and justice now.