Bloomberg reports that Coca-Cola could be the first major soft drink maker to tap into the legal marijuana market. While the company says “no decisions” have been made, it reportedly is investigating the possibility of integrating cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis, into its drinks.

“We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world,” Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers tells Bloomberg.

Drinkable marijuana products are already on the market, but they appear to be nearing a major breakthrough.

“I think you’re going to see a lot of innovation in this space, in terms of what kinds of drinks and orals are developed,” Lance Anderson, a Texas-based attorney who works on marijuana branding and intellectual property, told me in July. “We are about to witness a true renaissance of the industry, and I look forward to it.”