Today, Ingraham is arguing that people misinterpreted her comments. “Despite what some may be contending,” she said on the air, “I made explicitly clear that my commentary had nothing to do with race or ethnicity.” Her statement was rightfully taken with a grain of salt. During Faulk’s trial, one friend asked him if the charges made against him by Red Channels were true. Faulk answered: “Oh honey. What does that matter? Don’t you see these people are fascists. If they didn’t have something on us, they’d have made something up.”

Faulk, unlike Ingraham, didn’t pretend to mask his real views to friends. Nevertheless, the blacklist was wrong then, and calls for it against Ingraham are wrong now. There is a way to oppose Ingraham’s views. Do not watch her. Turn on the other cable news channels during her time slot. Eventually, the business side of Fox News will feel she is no longer popular, and her prime-time spot could come to an end.

If you don’t do this, blacklisting her will increase her audience and help make her a martyr to the right… who might then come after Rachel Maddow and demand a boycott of her sponsors. The past clearly shows that taking this tack never ends well for people on the left, since they are setting up a standard for how the right will hit them in the future.