But he’s worse than a standard-issue swamp liberal where Second Amendment rights are concerned. Cuomo’s NY Safe Act arguably was so gun-grabby that as originally written, it arguably criminalized police officers. Cuomo’s Department of Financial Services (DFS) is currently locked in litigation with the National Rifle Association—which is being backed up by the American Civil Liberties Union—because New York’s DFS is trying to bully financial institutions into denying the NRA access to the banking system. Cuomo has personally used his bully pulpit (pun fully intended) to coerce financial institutions into severing ties with the NRA—a hardcore activist lefty move, but also a very, very shady and almost certainly unconstitutional one.

He has also embraced teachers’ unions, reversing himself after previously pledging to combat their nefarious influence fighting charter schools and teacher evaluations. This, in a state whose those same unions created “Rubber Rooms” to keep the checks coming to teachers who hadwith no business working in a classroom and where major educational challenges exacerbated by teachers’ unions were exposed in “Waiting for Superman.”

More, Cuomo cuts an extremely ethically-challenged and frankly thuggish profile, which unhelpfully dovetails with stereotypes of New Yorkers enhanced by our current president.