Yesterday’s indictment of Trump ally Rep. Chris Collins on insider trading charges was yet another gut punch for Republicans after some bad news inside the numbers from Tuesday night’s primaries.

And that hasn’t been the only potential ethical issue for a sitting member of Congress that’s given the GOP headaches this week. A special prosecutor is now probing allegations of forged signatures and ballot shenanigans by Republican Rep. Scott Taylor’s campaign in Virginia’s contested 2nd congressional district — which isn’t exactly the kind of headline you want in a district that’s viewed as very competitive in November.

Of course, those are hardly the first candidates this cycle tarred with questions about unscrupulous dealings. Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter also remains under federal criminal investigation into his use of campaign funds. On the Democratic side, Bob Menendez is having a bumpier ride to reelection than expected after being dogged by lingering questions about his dropped corruption trial.

Here’s our question: Are voters going to care about any of this?