The media can’t answer legitimate criticism because they have long been in The Untouchables group, self-proclaimed warriors of the truth regardless of how untruthful they actually are. In their desire for self-efficacy, reporters have compared themselves to first responders and combat veterans. The real-life woes of The Deplorables is ignored—even mocked—as journalists preen about their moral superiority. But Trump has exposed their duplicity and their arrogance; it’s making them nuts. They now lash out at any imaginary threat against themselves while fueling violence and political chaos among Americans on a daily basis.

Trump’s one-man crusade against The Untouchables is working. Regular Americans see this crowd’s shameless sense of entitlement and their resentment for anyone outside their circle. Their hatred for Trump is just an extension of their hatred for those he is defending. That’s why Trump will continue to fill up school auditoriums in the Midwest while The Untouchables will continue to fill up their columns with whining.