Waylon Klitzman’s legs were shaking.

The 15-year-old from Evansville, Wis., said he is “not really that social” — and he especially dislikes standing in front of large groups of people. The auction room at the Rock County 4-H Fair late last month looked like something straight out of his nightmares: dozens of people packed into rows of chairs, all staring at him.

Klitzman took a deep breath and thought about why he came. He was there to sell his pig, Roo. He was there to donate the proceeds to Beat Nb, a nonprofit organization working to cure neuroblastoma, the most common form of cancer that afflicts children. He was there for his favorite teacher, Kim Katzenmeyer (he calls her “Miss K”), whose niece was diagnosed with the disease a few days before her fourth birthday.

Besides, it would be over soon — he only had to sell the pig once, right?