Rumors continue to build in Washington that a report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to drop soon. But on and off Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers say there have been no formal discussions on how to respond—no matter what the report’s findings may be.

“We’re aware that it might drop soon,” Representative Mark Walker, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, told me this week, citing “secondhand” chatter among members. “But nothing has been said. Or, at least, no one has reached out to me.”

The lack of discussion about the Russia investigation stands in sharp contrast to the ever-flowing comments coming from the White House, where President Donald Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani seem eager to keep the issue alive, whether on Twitter or in cable-news appearances. It’s not the first time GOP lawmakers have shied from the spotlight cast by, say, a Trump tweet. But Mueller’s investigation represents the rare issue lawmakers seem unwilling to discuss (or to admit discussing) even among themselves.