Feminists in France are trying to ban a line of postcards that display scantily clad women, claiming that the cards are not only “sexist” but also “normalise violence against women.”

One of the apparently controversial postcards shows a group of women wearing thong bathing suits, and another shows a woman in a thong riding a bicycle.

None of the postcards shows or even insinuates any violent acts whatsoever — it’s just a bunch of butts — but a group called The Femmes Solidaires is saying that these butt cards are actually deeply dangerous. In fact, according to an article in the Telegraph, the group claims that the cards actually promote a “culture of rape” in which women are “sex objects that can be consumed and thrown away under the pretext of leisure and entertainment” and that they “normalise violence against women.”

The Telegraph reports that The Femmes Solidaires are encouraging their 10,000 members to report these postcards anywhere they see them being sold.