Hillary Clinton’s nomination was the first step away for many of these women. They couldn’t stand her personality, Benghazi, the email server. Some cited Hillary’s attacks on the women Bill Clinton abused. When they dared to express criticism, they found themselves called awful names by fellow Democrats. In this way, Clinton’s nomination led to long-term losses for her party.

Surprising at first, there are many Bernie Sanders supporters. Disgusted by the Democratic National Committee fixing the nomination for Clinton, they weren’t willing to vote for her, and again, were driven out of the party after being mobbed by fellow liberals.

One Bernie supporter explains she was brainwashed by family and college into accepting socialism. “After I saw what Hillary and the DNC did to Bernie . . . I started doing my homework and really did educate myself and realized how the Democrat Party has done nothing for 40 years . . . they are a party of Communists and Marxists who want to take away our freedom . . . [It was] an abrupt wake-up call.”