Don Lemon, a black CNN anchor, has accused President Trump of telling him in 2011 that Lemon’s race made him incapable of unbiased reporting.

Lemon made the claim as he attempted to explain how a years-long feud between the two men boiled over into public insults this month — when Trump accused Lemon of stupidity, and the anchor, in turn, called the president racist.

“I always thought there was a mutually respectful relationship you had with Donald Trump,” Lemon’s CNN colleague Wolf Blitzer told him Tuesday night on “The Situation Room.”

“Yeah,” Lemon said, and he immediately brought up one of his first interviews with Trump — on May 1, 2011, when Trump was a reality TV star flirting with a run for the presidency.

“We had a pretty good row about the birther issue,” Lemon recalled.