Bragging about leading a protest of Broadway Stars in front of the White House, Rosie O’ Donnell was all over the news earlier this week, taking the opportunity to trash President Trump. Rosie spewed hateful falsehoods such as the election was stolen, so Trump wasn’t legitimate, that he is loathed in America and other lies. But after the first ten times a Rosie clip flashed before my eyes, I remembered that the NY Daily News reported in April 2016 that Rosie O’Donnell promised that she’d be moving to Canada if Trump were elected,

Why am I watching this clip then? Why is Rosie O’ Donnell protesting in front of the White House, shouldn’t she be visiting the Ontario Science center or something? Why the hell is she still in this country? She Promised to leave!

One thought led to another, and suddenly my brain was filled with people who made promises similar to that of Rosie.