The damage control has begun. On Thursday, Ivanka Trump finally spoke up about the family separations at the border, telling an audience in Washington that the crisis was a “low point” of her time working in the White House. “I felt very strongly about that, and I am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children.” She added that “immigration is incredibly complex as a topic. Illegal immigration is incredibly complicated.”

Thank you, First Daughter, for stating the obvious. Although she was likely attempting image rehabilitation in the wake of her father’s “zero tolerance policy,”Ivanka Trump’s inaction and empty words tell us everything we need to know about her own moral compass.

In May, the Trump administration announced that it would be criminally prosecuting all unauthorized migrants, including legal asylum seekers, at our southern border. This resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their parents and an international outcry, until the president reversed course and signed an executive order to keep families together. Even now, about one in three kids remain separated from their parents with no clear plan for when they will be reunited with them. Some parents who have already been deported may never see their children again.