For conservatives, Thapar is a dream choice. He’s an originalist, a term associated with Justices Clarence Thomas, Gorsuch and the late Antonin Scalia. Imagine a Supreme Court where the two leading conservative originalists are an African-American and an Indian-American. Trump can absolutely shatter the stereotypes liberals throw at Republicans by having Thapar join Thomas to defend and indeed crusade for the U.S. Constitution.

Thapar would become the youngest member of the Supreme Court at 49, but don’t let his youth fool you. He has an extensive record of distinguished public service — a prosecutor in Ohio, U.S. attorney in Kentucky, trial-court judge, and current judge on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He’s thoroughly vetted (confirmed three times by the Senate already) and was even a short-lister for Scalia’s seat last time around.

Thapar is a real dude. He and his wife are raising three kids in parochial schools, and the only thing he likes talking about more than the Constitution are the sports and academic exploits of his children.