1. Millions of Americans remain repulsed with the Washington status quo and find its return so perilous that they prefer the human embodiment of nitroglycerin in the White House, even with its attendant collateral damage, rather than taste again the malignant gruel Washington was serving them. They judge that the explosive ingredient in dynamite is safer than the stew of venomous elitism that fed the decline of their country. Trump’s steadfast support is an appraisal: It measures how America feels about Washington, D.C.

As I’ve noted before, Trump’s supporters elected an apex predator, a T-rex, to eat the smaller, slimier pillagers who were devouring them. These voters are not shocked when the T-rex acts like a T-rex and, on occasion, mates with an inappropriate object or, oops, possibly by mistake, eats grandma. Instead, they say, “I loved grandma. And I’ll miss her … but this is what we need to fight the Washington raptors, the bastards.”

2. Nothing has changed in Washington since Donald Trump was elected. The D.C. establishment and the creaky, old political parties and legacy media have not learned anything from the beating this outsider gave them. As long as they hold enormous power, Trump voters will continue to cheer the bull in Washington’s china shop, as he breaks the remaining tea cups in the establishment’s precious displays.