3. She refuses to acknowledge the tenets of her faith. As someone who espouses Christianity as her belief system, like with her espousal of a political viewpoint, she is setting aside a fundamentally core belief that every person is stamped with an imprint that only God can create. The unique DNA, the personality, the potential that every person has is a divine gift, yet she is willing to discard it on a whim for the sake of winning elections. I have long pushed back against people of other faiths criticizing Christians when they attempt to take a position on a theological nuance that really only Christians have the right to dispute. (I don’t for example try to tell Jews if they should be Orthodox or Reformed.) But it is uniquely the job of Christians to draw a fellow Christian’s attention to a viewpoint they may hold when it is in error. She & any who argue as she does are in distinct error when they attempt to convince the watching culture that God is passive on this matter.