Now we have a Republican Party that stands for cruelty, hatred, bullying, proud stupidity, trade barriers, science denial, massive deficits and strangling debt. The president wants to build a colossal boondoggle of a wall to keep “them” out. If Reagan were here today, he would say “Mr. Trump, don’t build that wall.”

Trump is a danger to our nation and a disgrace to our party. But he can’t accomplish this perversion of America alone. The Mitch McConnells and Paul Ryans are equally culpable. They are fellow travelers with disaster. The next generations will pay for their folly.

When the Trump destruction plays out, the deficits will deluge us; the bigotry will degrade us.

To the above fellow travelers, and the local Republican chair and his fellows, who have the audacity to issue the “Trump 2020” stickers, be warned: History will revile you; your grandchildren will deny you.