Of that, much of the money spent thus far has gone to Facebook ads to non-battleground states —useful for raising awareness of Demand Justice’s work—and expanding their email list, but less useful in targeting constituents of senators from Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Maine, North Dakota, and West Virginia who could be instrumental in stopping Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Even the videos’ ability to bring eyeballs to the nomination may be in question, however—the most recent Demand Justice video, which shows Kavanaugh raising his hand when asked whether a sitting president can be indicted, has a meager 1,691 views.

When asked about mobilization efforts against Kavanaugh’s nomination, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a civil-rights umbrella organization with hundreds of affiliated organizations, directed The Daily Beast to a series of sundown vigils to be conducted on Wednesday. Of the more than 100 vigils scheduled—including a “Vigil Against the Beast, Donald Trump” in Indianapolis—only one appeared specific to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee: a “Handmaids Against Kavanaugh” vigil in front of the Boston State House.

Ten people have RSVPd so far.