If we’re honest about today’s situation, then “privilege” takes on a new definition. Instead of gender or race, it pertains to access to the “knowledge economy.” A biracial, bisexual blogger who can move his gig anywhere is “privileged” next to the white, male worker whose factory shuttered and has nowhere to go for a job.

This leaves Andrew Sullivan with a few words for Traister’s lament that young, male millennials have turned against Democrats since the election in 2016. He writes: “When the Democratic party and its mainstream spokespersons use the term ‘white male’ as an insult, when they describe vast swathes of white men in America as ‘problematic,’ when they call struggling, working-class white men ‘privileged,’ when they ask in their media if it’s okay just to hate men, and white men in particular, maybe white men hear it.”

And just maybe they vote against the people saying it, too.