The other idea that might hold pro-choice “conservatives” like Tomi back is based on the myopic view that “winning” is what matters most. Trump is doing things that benefit “all Americans,” she says. Why don’t we focus on that so Republicans can “sail into 2020” with all three branches in their control? No. Winning elections means nothing if you cannot or will not do the right thing while in office.

Roughly 60 million preborn lives have been lost since Roe V. Wade legalized women’s power to kill them. Saying “winning” matters more than protecting the unborn is sort of like saying the government of 1858 was doing things that benefitted all Americans when an entire class of individuals (blacks) were barred, by the very same institution that wrote Roe, from even being American citizens.

Trump’s administration has done some great things to help protect the most innocent among us, including preventing U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding abortion abroad and adding the preborn as a group the Department of Health and Human Services aims to help. His HHS has also put up barriers to Title X funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. These are wins for the preborn, and for the people who supported Trump because they believed he would govern by pro-life principles.