Other critics, particularly the never-Trump right, have tried to appeal to religious conservatives on moral grounds. Appeal might be the wrong word, it’s more like guilt or badger. Whatever the case, the answer remains the same. While I’m certainly not the Pope myself, as a Catholic I can say that I had a choice between two flawed human beings (like we do every four years), and I chose the one who was most likely to do less bad on the issues I care about most. Again, it turned out he was much better I thought. So his past, which didn’t matter to me before, sure as hell doesn’t matter to me now.

And forgive me if I have difficulty caring about these two women who took money to keep their mouths shut and now want to be able to talk about it, likely because they see more money at the end of the other road. If they want to tell or sell their stories (again), who cares? I assume Trump slept with them. It’s not only none of my business, it’s none of my concern either. If I’m expected to have a moral problem with someone who isn’t me cheating on their wife, why wouldn’t I have a problem with the people they cheated with desperately trying to get attention and money for telling the world about it?

No one in these stories are moral beacons, they’re all kind of gross on a personal level. But at least I can understand why Donald Trump would want to keep it secret, if there are secrets to be kept.