Hundreds of thousands are expected to throng the streets of London next Friday. The idea is to humiliate Trump for being a right-wing bigot and to show, as the campaign website says, that ‘his rhetoric of hate and divisiveness isn’t accepted here’.

It won’t work. It will cost the government millions. Worse, it will be counterproductive. All the demonstration will really demonstrate is how very little our best-educated, most privileged citizens and young people actually think about their actions at all.

At its crudest, the anti-Trump demo might be thought of as punishment — an attempt to make a dent in the Trumpian ego. But if Britain’s Stop Trumpers really believe they can send Trump a message, they are mistaken. Donald Trump doesn’t really care. And even if his pride is successfully wounded, then what? Will he see the error of his divisive ways? Will his American supporters suddenly realise what a huge embarrassment their President is, and repent by hammering his party in the upcoming mid-terms in November?