You can’t blame us. Donald Trump has insulted and slandered our capital at its most vulnerable moments. As a representative for some of the most deprived parts of London, I find his description of of my city as a “war zone” because of knife crime not just insulting, but ludicrous—coming from a president whose country has witnessed more than 7,000 lives lost to gun violence this year alone. When tragedies do occur on Britain’s streets, the president licks his lips at the political opportunity. Last summer, a van filled with knife-wielding terrorists rammed into crowds on London Bridge, murdering eight people and leaving 48 more injured. Foreign leaders from Brussels to New Delhi shared compassion and support for those hurt, while condemning the killers. Donald Trump’s immediate response? To slam the reassuring words of London’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Since then, Trump has barely concealed his racist attacks on the U.K . In November, he shared a post by fascist hate group Britain First from his official Twitter account. With this, he debased the memory of my parliamentary colleague, Jo Cox, who was shot and killed in the days leading up to Britain’s referendum on membership of the European Union, by a murderer who screamed “Britain First” as he committed the violent act. Britain First is an organization whose extreme views can best be compared to the KKK.