Owning a home is difficult. I take home $1,300 or so per month after taxes and pre-tax employment benefits, so I am making it work. I have an emergency fund, a growing home improvement fund, a fake car payment to save up for my next car, various insurance payments, a small retirement contribution, and a mortgage with a few big projects coming up. I need to eat and pay my bills, and I still have more than enough despite living at an income level some people would scoff at. It isn’t a lot, but it is plenty.

I need to work at being generous. It cannot be out of a guilt trip or some elitist holier than thou attitude that makes me support the wrong kind of things. When I am stingy, I cannot stand myself. If I want the world to be a better place, I need to start with myself. I don’t mean to delve into my dark side, but I need to give back to my community cheerfully, freely, and sacrificially. Philanthropy isn’t what I am after, but making the world a better place needs to start with me and my own unruly attitudes.