Outside, a small group of opponents held signs, one of which simply said “LIAR” in black letters. As Gino Martinelli of Middletown walked by, he said to the group, “Hey, Trump won.” Members of the group and Martinelli went back and forth for a few minutes before Martinelli, wearing a “Re-Elect Trump 2020” hat, retreated to his car. Upon leaving, he said, “And he’ll win again in 2020.”

Inside, things really got contentious as book-carrying people snaked between rows of shelves waiting for their chance to approach Spicer. A man, identified as Alex Lombard, called out Spicer’s name from across the room.

“Sean, I was a day student at [Portsmouth] Abbey, too, with you,” said Lombard, who is African-American. “Don’t you remember? You don’t remember that you tried to fight me? But you called me a (racial epithet) first.”